Oil on board 13.5" x 9.5"

Own collection . Submitted to the Royal Academy 1989 but not accepted, it's good to submit your work from time to time for adjudication by organizations such as the Royal Academy, The Royal Institute of Watercolours, etc and don't be too disheartened if your work is rejected and do go and spend time viewing the work of others that has been accepted, being accepted and then not hung is another thing you may have to contend with.

I kept this one, no it's not because no one wanted to buy it, but because I was happy with it in 1989 and I still like it fifteen years on. 

Words in Painting. 'Counterchange', don't overdo, the far right saplings I think that's just enough. 'Loose', dangerous word this one , yes keep your painting spontaneous and free but try and retain some control and not tip over the edge into crudeness, just one example of what I mean, use a brush that suits each passage of your work or put another way don't hammer a screw in if you have a screwdriver at hand.