Mow Cop Farm

Full imperial size watercolour (22" x 30") on Arches 300 pound not (medium rough), this weight of paper is expensive, but saves stretching and if you mess up you can always use the other side.

Unusually for me this was a commissioned work, I don't enjoy doing requests, but in this case the buyer very kindly asked only for a painting of a local farm. Watercolour painting I find, can be for a few hours a very intense experience and this is the reason I feel the need for complete freedom on subject matter.

Please note, all weights and sizes are in old money.

Influences:- John Blockley, I've put John first on the list of artists that have had an impact on my work because from the moment I read an article by him in 'Artist' magazine, (August 1979), I felt that albeit technically inferior, my own attitude towards textures and atmosphere in watercolour were very much alike, certain influences of John's I can still see in my work, but I hope and believe that I have found my own road to travel.